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Dive deep into the art of editing with our carefully crafted curriculum that covers everything from basic techniques to advanced tricks. Master the latest software and stay up to date.

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Learn from an industry professional with years of experience. Our instructor will guide you on your way to becoming a professional and confident editor.

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Adapt your learning experience with our personalised one-to-one training. Whether you're a beginner looking for a solid foundation or a seasoned pro striving for perfection, we have a programme for you.

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Apply your knowledge in real-life scenarios through hands-on projects. Our training goes beyond theory and ensures you can confidently tackle any machining challenge that comes your way.

Welcome to the Ultimate Editing Hub:
Where Creativity Meets Expertise!


Are you ready to turn your passion for editing into a powerful skill that captivates your audience and opens up endless possibilities? Then look no further! Our editing training courses are designed to unleash your creative potential and give you the tools you need to compete in today's competitive marketplace.

Training on the changes and updates of Avid 2023 for editors and technical staff at

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