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by Philipp Heim

Regular training keeps us competitive and increases our creative intelligence.

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Dive deep into the art of video editing with our carefully crafted curriculums that cover everything from basic techniques to advanced tricks. Master the latest software and stay up to date.

AVID User Profiles

Avid Media Composer Version Update
(2021 / 2022 / 2023)

  • Overview of New Features: Explanation of the key features and improvements in the current version of Avid Media Composer.

  • Workflow Adjustments: Instructions for optimizing workflow considering the new version.

  • New Tools and Shortcuts: Introduction to new tools and keyboard shortcuts that enhance efficiency.

  • Improved Integration: Information on updated integrations with third-party software and hardware.

Visual Effects in Avid MC

  • Introduction to Visual Effects: Basics of visual effects in Avid Media Composer.

  • Use of Effect Plugins: Practical guidance on applying effect plugins for various visual effects.

  • Keying Techniques: Explanation of green screen and blue screen techniques for clean keying.

  • Motion Graphics: Insight into creating motion graphics and animations within Media Composer.

Avid Effects Tool AniMatte
Training Burda Studios Avid MC 2021

Whats new in AVID MC 2021 / Burda Studios (2023)

Customizable Training

The customizable training provides flexibility to address the specific needs and interests of the customer. A meeting is held with the customer before the course to clarify the exact requirements and customise the training plan.

  • Special Project Creation: Aligns with the customer's current projects and provides tips for optimization.

  • Audio Post-Production: In-depth insights into audio editing and mixing techniques in Media Composer.

  • Color Correction and Grading: Training on professional color correction of film material.

  • Customer's Specific Requests: Consideration of customer questions and interests for customized training content.

Training BorisFX BG


These training sessions provide a comprehensive introduction to Boris Effects, from a general overview to specific applications and optimization techniques. Before starting the training, it might be helpful to clarify the specific requirements and the participants' background.

BCC Continuum Icon
BCC Mocha Icon
BCC FX Editor

General Introduction

  • Overview of BorisFX Effects: Introduction to the features and applications of Boris Effects.

  • Effect Categories: Presentation of all available effects and their uses.

  • FX Editor: Orientation and basic operation of BCC FX Editors user interface.

Useful Everyday Effects

  • Everyday Use Effects: In-depth exploration of effects commonly used in daily editing.

  • Text Animation: Guidance on creating engaging text animations.

  • Image Enhancement Effects: Utilizing Boris Effects for improving image quality and visual aesthetics.

  • Efficient Work Practices: Tips and tricks for the quick and efficient application of Boris Effects.

BCC Swish & Pan
Boris FX Mocha Tracker

Using the Mocha Tracker in Avid

  • Basics of the Mocha Tracker: Introduction to Mocha tracking technology and its advantages.

  • Integration into Avid Media Composer: Instructions for seamless integration of the Mocha Tracker into the Avid workflow.

  • Tracking Applications: Practical use cases for the Mocha Tracker, such as motion tracking and masking.

  • Optimization Tips: Recommendations for efficient use and error-free tracking.

Training Maxon BG

MAXON  - Universe

This training provides a comprehensive insight into Maxon's Universe, from the latest features to the practical application of generators, effects, text, transitions, utilities and more than 50 Capsule presets.

Maxon universe Transition

New Features and Applications

  • Introduction to the latest updates and new features of Maxon's Universe.

  • Practical use cases and customization of generators for different project requirements.

  • Creative application of effects to enhance images and videos.

  • Options for text design and animation

  • Combining transition effects for creative and professional results.

  • Tips for troubleshooting and problem avoidance with  Maxon's Utilities.

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