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Video editing is so important because it is the key to merging images and sounds so that we feel emotionally connected and sometimes truly in the film we are watching.

Highlights 2024

Neu beim Bund                                    

Die Urlaubs Docs           



(60 min. / ZDF / S01)

(23 min. / Sat.1 / daily)

Highlights from previous Years

Der große Sat.1 Baumarkt-Check        

175 Jahre Siemens                                

Money Maker - Saygin Yalcin          

Wie die D-Mark in den Osten kam     


(97 min. / S01-E01 / Sat.1)

(45 min. / Bayern erleben /BR)

(30 min. / ARD)

(45 min. / ARD)

(62 min. / S01-E07+E08 / RTL+)


Editing Money Maker Saygin Yalcin

A look behind the scenes in the editing process for the ARD documentary "Money Maker - Saygin Yalcin"

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About Editing

The beauty of this profession is that the possibilities of video editing are constantly improving.
Whether it's through new technology, programmes, plug-ins, effects or the adaptation to changing viewing habits.
All this together ensures that it never gets boring from year to year.

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PPG Graphics BG

2D / 3D Graphics

Digital visual information can be inserted into the film through the

whole range of Motion Design (symbols, texts, titles, photos).

This offers a very high information value with nearly

unlimited possibilities.

ARD Geschichte NVA Tatra

As part of an ARD documentary about the introduction of the German mark in East Germany, I recreated and integrated the TATRA transporter used by the NVA in 3D in addition to the 2D graphics.

NVA Tatra Diorama

Through my expertise in Cinema4D, Houdini and AfterEffects, any idea can be realised.

C4D Tiger Helikopter
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